May 24th — Another Day of Rest

I am thankful for the day of rest when it comes. God promises us manifold blessings when we take the Sabbath to contemplate His goodness and mercy — when we commune with His family and appreciate the many marvels of nature.

I also need physical renewal because of the daily stress placed upon my body. I am grateful to the Almighty that my feet and legs are gaining strength and endurance. My knee, while it is an ever-present “thorn in the flesh,” is not giving me nearly as much pain as in past weeks. Prayer support has been precious to me, and I do genuinely appreciate the continuation of your prayers.

I cannot say enough about my wife, Barb, and her daily support, sympathy, and selfless ministry to my needs. I noticed recently that the toil of this journey is taking its toll on her to a degree. Please lift her up in your prayers, because she is the critical link in this project. Without her daily labors of love, I cannot manage easily.

We are hopeful that those who have been exposed to this walk and the causes we represent will spread the message and take action within the sphere of their influence. “Actions speak louder than words,” and if we give assent to the principles only and take no action, we are worse off than before we gave our agreement. Remember, IF we “talk the talk,” then, in order to be consistent, we must “walk the walk.” Our families and communities need examples of men and women who are true as steel to principle in word and deed.

Barb and I will be off for tomorrow and back on the walk route Monday, May 26th. I’ll be continuing from Asheboro along US 64 W on the way to Lexington, NC. We look forward to the blessings in store as we march forward by faith.

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