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Day #1 — 15 Rugged Miles

The first day of the walk was much more difficult than anticipated. I had to repeat the promise, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” over and over for at least two hours. I actually only walked 6 hours because I could not lift my legs to move forward. I could only manage 15 miles, though it was at a rapid pace. I averaged 23 minutes per mile while stopping to visit with folks along the route at least four times.

At one point, a girl from the day care at Roanoke Island Presbyterian Church flagged me down and asked for a picture with the young children. That took some time, but I obtained some much-needed water from them while I was waiting for the camera man. I experienced people stopping to take pics of me, honking of horns all along the way, and sometimes engaging me in conversation. Waves from vehicles were common.

I am physically suffering in my legs and feet. I can hardly walk, though I have done two hot salt soaks and massaged my feet and legs with “Blue Ice” twice. Pray that I can walk tomorrow; I am already falling behind the schedule, and that is significant because we are booked at our safe-stations for certain days.

Presentation of 40 Day Prayer Guide for Our Nation Mayor in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Pastor “Chick” had opportunity to speak to the Board at a Town Meeting in Kill Devil Hills before presenting the momento to Mayor Sheila Davies.

Waves at Launch Site on April 22nd

We visited the launch site today, the day before launching. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the temps are warm, and this is the view of the waves.

Bridge Pastor “Chick” will walk across tomorrow

Today, April 22nd, we drove across this bridge that Pastor “Chick” will walk across tomorrow. It is 1.1 miles long.

Witnessing During Lunch


Pastor Chick makes friends with a family at the local buffet. He explained the walk’s purpose, and they took interest in following his progress along the way.

RV at Safe Station Columbia


This shot was taken from US 64 W where I will be walking on DAY 3.

Kill Devil Cold and Windy


Today we visited the launch site for beginning the walk.  At 48 degrees it seemed to be a 30 degree wind-chill. We pray for better conditions on Wednesday.

Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility

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