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An Interested American Family


On Day #2 Amanda and her children saw me walking by their house. Amanda was trying to take pics from a distance. Before it was over, Amanda had invited me closer in order to get a head-shot and a short video to share on Facebook.

Day #2


After two hot bath soaks and a morning leg massage,  Pastor Chick is back on the road.  This morning he has a nice walking path to walk on before he reaches the next bridge which is 2.7 miles.

Pics from Morning Walk

This morning, Pastor “Chick” and I started off from the ocean on the TransAmerican Crosswalk 2014 as we celebrate our 19th anniversary.

We met Ed and Harriet Heath from Virginia who saw the article in the newspaper and came to see us off! We also met A. Marie, who is local, who also came to see us off. Many thanks for this support!

I met Pastor on the road, taking him some food, and two men from the fire department came out to meet us and encourage us along the way.

There are not many sand dunes along this road, so I took a picture of the ones we passed by.
It is 2;55 PM and he is still walking…

Thank you for your continued support by prayer! He is in need of support for his legs and feet – the rest of him feels fine!


Crossing Washington Baum Bridge

Pastor Chick made it from the Launch site across the Washington Baum Bridge in good time today, despite the windy conditions, as you will see in this video

Walk Launched from Kill Devil Hills, NC

TransAmerican Crosswalk 2014 was officially launched this morning at 9:00 AM as Pastor “Chick” stepped into the ocean and continued on into Kill Devil Hills Town.

End of Walk for Day #1


After walking 15 miles Linda Midget, of Manteo, North Carolina, agreed for us to place the Route Marker sign in her yard. Thank you, Linda!

Melvin R. Daniels Bridge

Melvn R. Daniels Bridge

Pastor Chick took this picture as he was about to cross this bridge. This is one of the nicer bridges with a walkway!

Presentation to Mayor Jamie Daniels of Manteo, NC


We met with Mayor Jamie Daniels of Manteo, NC at his Garden Deli and Pizzeria Restaurant and presented to him the momento of TransAmerican Crosswalk 2014, a 40 day prayer guide for our nation.

Presentation to Mayor in Nags Head, North Carolina

Presentation to Mayor in Nag Head, North Carolina

Unable to coordinate our time with Mayor Bob Edwards in Nags Head, North Carolina, I left the 40 day prayer guide for our nation with the Town Clerk, Carolyn Morris.

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