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Day #5

NOTE: Part of the video can not be heard because the sound of the wind was too loud.

In this section, Pastor Chick was speaking about a State Trooper that pulled over with his lights on to speak with him. The officer was very kind. He actually stopped to advise Pastor to be very careful. He stated that people are selfish and are focused only on getting to the beach. He added that people will not stop for his blue lights – they will not stop for Pastor Chick.

Day #4

For those of you who prefer video to still shots, here is a short video of the walk today.

Playing Piano

This afternoon at the end of the walk we stopped at a restaurant to eat. As we walked in and his eyes landed on a piano, he told the hostess that he wants to play that piano. She said ‘play!’, so he did.

After having walked 15 miles, he still had energy to play this beautiful music.

Day #4 Pastor Chick’s Testimony at Assembly of Praise Church

This evening we attended the evening worship service at the Assembly of Praise Church, where we have our motor home parked.

At Pastor Joe Pierce’s invitation, Pastor Chick shares his testimony of praise. Promotes Religious Liberty via Online Petitions has expanded its preservation of religious liberty by featuring a new petition to Congress. Please sign for liberty’s sake.

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Day #4

Day #4

Even though Pastor Chick originally planned to take Sundays off, because of being behind schedule, he opted to do some more walking this afternoon.

He started around noon, crossed the bridge over the Alligator River, which is 2.7 miles, entered into Tyrrell County, North Carolina, walked through more of the Wildlife Refuge area where bears cross the road and various birds, red fox, and alligators can sometimes be seen.

He stopped about 6 miles east of Columbia having covered 15 miles total today.

Early Morning Blessing

This morning Pastor Chick woke up feeling strong. He decided he would do some walking early for 1.5 hours. He ended up walking 4 miles and it only took him 1 hour!

I, Barbara decided to do laundry during that time. I found a laundromat, put the clothes in the washer (of which there were many), and then found that there were only four dryers. The questions came to my mind, ‘What if none of these dryers are empty when I need one?’, ‘If that happens, what will I do with the wet clothes?’

When I realized I was feeling stressed about this, I told myself that there was no reason to have this feeling. Whatever happens, Yah has everything under control.

I continued to wait for the clothes to finish washing. When finished, I removed the clothes and put them in my basket. I looked at the dryers and one had just become empty! What perfect timing!

I was able to finish the laundry and return to the motor home to find Pastor Chick waiting for me – and in time to do what we had planned next.

Thanks to God for Pastor Chick’s health and energy this morning, for inspiring me to do the laundry during the time he walked, for His perfect timing in providing an empty dryer at just the right time, and for evidence that I can share with others to show that no matter how bad a situation looks, we can still rest and trust in Him to handle it for us!

A Day of Rest

It was a pleasure to have a long restful night of sleep. Barb and I had thought we might visit a church in Elizabeth City today, but we were both pretty exhausted after the first three days of the walk. It may be surprising to my readers, as it is to me, that the support person becomes as tired as the walker. I cherish and appreciate my wife, and her devotion to my care is incredible. She would enjoy walking along side me the whole way, but she knows that her responsibilities far exceed mere walking. 

Besides all the support responsibilities that Barbara takes on, she deals faithfully with me during the times when my mind is pushed beyond normal limits, and I am not capable of perceiving how I project myself. When my physical pain is so intense that my tone of voice varies unusually, and my facial expressions are fairly uncontrollable, Barbara looks beyond flesh and avoids taking any irregular expressions as “personal” or critical. Her constant smiles keep my soul warmed, giving me courage to keep claiming God’s promises of success.

So, today is what we call Sabbath. It is our day of refreshing, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I can tell you that I am doing well today. My body is healing, my spirit is strong, and my faith is invincible. A reporter in Statesville, NC once asked me, “Can you do this?”  After Day #1, I was wavering a bit; after Day #2, I had a little hope of success. After Day #3, I have no doubts. God is with me, and I shall not fail nor become discouraged.  🙂

Day #3

Watch this video showing tidbits of today’s walk – Day #3

After we reached our Safe Station, and Pastor took an epsom salt bath, a storm came through with 40-50 mph winds. Being in a tornado watch, we wondered as the motor home rocked back and forth, but the storm passed and all is now calm.

End of Day #2

Today’s walk ended at the junction of US 264 & US 64 Business west of Manns Harbor, NC.

The number of miles walked today was 7.5.  That was all the sore legs could manage. Pastor Chick said, “I am glad I went out and walked today. When I woke this morning, I could barely stand on my feet and take a step. God encouraged me to go out and give it my best effort. The 7.5 miles were agonizing, but I set a goal and achieved it. I am not sure how far I can walk tomorrow, because my muscles are worse now than they were yesterday, but if God motivates me, I’ll walk as many miles as I can. Eventually, I’ll overcome this physical impasse and be back on track.”

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