Early Morning Blessing

This morning Pastor Chick woke up feeling strong. He decided he would do some walking early for 1.5 hours. He ended up walking 4 miles and it only took him 1 hour!

I, Barbara decided to do laundry during that time. I found a laundromat, put the clothes in the washer (of which there were many), and then found that there were only four dryers. The questions came to my mind, ‘What if none of these dryers are empty when I need one?’, ‘If that happens, what will I do with the wet clothes?’

When I realized I was feeling stressed about this, I told myself that there was no reason to have this feeling. Whatever happens, Yah has everything under control.

I continued to wait for the clothes to finish washing. When finished, I removed the clothes and put them in my basket. I looked at the dryers and one had just become empty! What perfect timing!

I was able to finish the laundry and return to the motor home to find Pastor Chick waiting for me – and in time to do what we had planned next.

Thanks to God for Pastor Chick’s health and energy this morning, for inspiring me to do the laundry during the time he walked, for His perfect timing in providing an empty dryer at just the right time, and for evidence that I can share with others to show that no matter how bad a situation looks, we can still rest and trust in Him to handle it for us!

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