A Day of Rest

It was a pleasure to have a long restful night of sleep. Barb and I had thought we might visit a church in Elizabeth City today, but we were both pretty exhausted after the first three days of the walk. It may be surprising to my readers, as it is to me, that the support person becomes as tired as the walker. I cherish and appreciate my wife, and her devotion to my care is incredible. She would enjoy walking along side me the whole way, but she knows that her responsibilities far exceed mere walking. 

Besides all the support responsibilities that Barbara takes on, she deals faithfully with me during the times when my mind is pushed beyond normal limits, and I am not capable of perceiving how I project myself. When my physical pain is so intense that my tone of voice varies unusually, and my facial expressions are fairly uncontrollable, Barbara looks beyond flesh and avoids taking any irregular expressions as “personal” or critical. Her constant smiles keep my soul warmed, giving me courage to keep claiming God’s promises of success.

So, today is what we call Sabbath. It is our day of refreshing, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I can tell you that I am doing well today. My body is healing, my spirit is strong, and my faith is invincible. A reporter in Statesville, NC once asked me, “Can you do this?”  After Day #1, I was wavering a bit; after Day #2, I had a little hope of success. After Day #3, I have no doubts. God is with me, and I shall not fail nor become discouraged.  🙂

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