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River Hills Church, Hwy 64, Ocoee, Tennessee, one of our “Safe Station” sponsors


Pastor Mark Bowers arranged this safe-station location for us.

While staying here, pre-traced the planned walk route to Ellijay, Georgia.

We found one of the routes to be too dangerous, so we were assisted by a very helpful woman at a Chamber of Commerce, and planned a new route.

Having previously tried unsuccessfully to find a Safe Station in Ellijay, Georgia, we continued searching for one, and were referred to a Baptist Association in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We visited a very nice man, Claude Mathis, who appreciates what Pastor is doing and supports the causes. He called the pastor of a church just down the road from Blue Ridge, in Morganton, Georgia, that has power outlets on poles in the parking lot, and who agreed to give us a Safe Station there.

We visted the newspaper, Times-Courier, and we met a young conservative woman who is very interested in the walk, and said she would refer us to another writer who was not in at the time. She also gave us the name of phone number of a man that ran across the country and passed this was in 2013.

En route, winds were very cold and we saw many snow flurries. Temperatures went down to 21 degrees F overnight.

Departing Guys, Tn on the way to Kill Devil Hills, NC to launch Trans American Crosswalk 2014



We awoke to a wet morning and were thankful that the rain, which was forecast to continue through the morning had stopped. We stood outside at the entrance to what has been “Yah’s House” and prayed before we departed from the Guys property, then went on our way to trace the walk route through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

We already had arranged a ‘Safe Station’ at the River Hills Church of God in Ocoee, Tn., so we drove directly there, taking the shortest route possible. This still took many hours because we chose to drive slowly and carefully (having an RV towing a car).

When we stopped at a Wal-Mart for fuel, Pastor Chick was approached by a woman offering him a book, which he took. Suspecting she was SDA, he asked her, and she confirmed that she is. Shie is also a literature evangelist. This started a long conversation. She is very interested in the walk – and connected us to a man that she was speaking to on the phone. I ended up talking to him while Pastor was fueling the vehicle. They are both interested in the purposes of the walk.

As we passed down one road, we found a that major bridge is closed for construction and will be impassible for a long time yet, so we had to change the walk route to use another bridge.

Being Sunday night, the Church of God had a Sunday night meeting. We arrived and joined them. The woman speaker emphasized the importance of doing what God tells you to regardless of how ‘stupid’ it looks to others or what others think about it. After the meeting, we met the youth pastor, Pastor Mark Bowers, who gave us this Safe Station. He was very warm and friendly, very interested in the walk, and has a grandfather that owns a lot of property in Santa Monica, California, and hopes that Pastor will be able to meet him there.

Walking Practice Under Way

Walking Practice Under Way

Pastor “Chick” makes a trial run with his walking outfit.

Two Families Fight for Religious Liberty

Two Families Fight for Religious Liberty

The walk across America will raise community awareness to the need for all to have liberty of conscience respecting religion.

T-shirt design for the walkers

T-shirt design for the walkers

Safety orange with a descriptive web address has been chosen for the “walk shirts.”

RV to be used at “Safe Stations” during the walk

Safe Station RV: At certain intervals along the walk route, we are arranging “safe stations” where this RV will be parked so that Pastor “Chick” and his wife will have comfortable sleeping quarters during the year.

Scottsboro, Alabama


Free car wash sponsored in Scottsboro, Alabama

Heal Our Land

Freedom, and religious liberty in particular, is becoming more and more complex with time. True liberty is achieved only in Christ, and this theme song for the TransAmerican Crosswalk presents our prayer for national healing.

Our Need to Care for the Homeless

Our Need to Care for the Homeless

One cause to raise awareness to is care for the many homeless persons in America. It is the church’s duty to relieve the suffering of humanity, and the homeless ones are in great need.

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