River Hills Church, Hwy 64, Ocoee, Tennessee, one of our “Safe Station” sponsors


Pastor Mark Bowers arranged this safe-station location for us.

While staying here, pre-traced the planned walk route to Ellijay, Georgia.

We found one of the routes to be too dangerous, so we were assisted by a very helpful woman at a Chamber of Commerce, and planned a new route.

Having previously tried unsuccessfully to find a Safe Station in Ellijay, Georgia, we continued searching for one, and were referred to a Baptist Association in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We visited a very nice man, Claude Mathis, who appreciates what Pastor is doing and supports the causes. He called the pastor of a church just down the road from Blue Ridge, in Morganton, Georgia, that has power outlets on poles in the parking lot, and who agreed to give us a Safe Station there.

We visted the newspaper, Times-Courier, and we met a young conservative woman who is very interested in the walk, and said she would refer us to another writer who was not in at the time. She also gave us the name of phone number of a man that ran across the country and passed this was in 2013.

En route, winds were very cold and we saw many snow flurries. Temperatures went down to 21 degrees F overnight.


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