Departing Guys, Tn on the way to Kill Devil Hills, NC to launch Trans American Crosswalk 2014



We awoke to a wet morning and were thankful that the rain, which was forecast to continue through the morning had stopped. We stood outside at the entrance to what has been “Yah’s House” and prayed before we departed from the Guys property, then went on our way to trace the walk route through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

We already had arranged a ‘Safe Station’ at the River Hills Church of God in Ocoee, Tn., so we drove directly there, taking the shortest route possible. This still took many hours because we chose to drive slowly and carefully (having an RV towing a car).

When we stopped at a Wal-Mart for fuel, Pastor Chick was approached by a woman offering him a book, which he took. Suspecting she was SDA, he asked her, and she confirmed that she is. Shie is also a literature evangelist. This started a long conversation. She is very interested in the walk – and connected us to a man that she was speaking to on the phone. I ended up talking to him while Pastor was fueling the vehicle. They are both interested in the purposes of the walk.

As we passed down one road, we found a that major bridge is closed for construction and will be impassible for a long time yet, so we had to change the walk route to use another bridge.

Being Sunday night, the Church of God had a Sunday night meeting. We arrived and joined them. The woman speaker emphasized the importance of doing what God tells you to regardless of how ‘stupid’ it looks to others or what others think about it. After the meeting, we met the youth pastor, Pastor Mark Bowers, who gave us this Safe Station. He was very warm and friendly, very interested in the walk, and has a grandfather that owns a lot of property in Santa Monica, California, and hopes that Pastor will be able to meet him there.


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